Do you offer payment plans?

For projects under $400, a 50% booking fee is required upon approval of quote. The remainder fee is due upon completion of the work.

For projects over $400 payment plans are available and worked around what suits you. A $100 deposit is required before work will commence.

What type of services do you provide?

My types of services both print and web designs include –

Logo Design, Package Design, Social Media Branding, Web Design, Blog Design, Photo retouching, Business Cards, Stationery & Marketing Material.

My brother-in-laws sisters friends mothers son offered to design my logo and website for $50.00 why should I pay you to do one?

Unless they are qualified and experienced in the industry you usually get what you pay for. You need to be aware of what professional graphic design and web design involves and that what you are getting designed has not been “taken” or “borrowed” from a clipart site. Do some research and ask questions. Just because I own a hammer doesn’t mean I should be a builder. I wouldn’t want to live in that house.

Do I own the copyright of the design work?

All copyrights are transferred over to the client upon full payment being made.

I needed this yesterday, can you help?

I am always happy to take on rush jobs and are determined by the schedule and complexity of the job. A 30% fee applies to the invoice of all rush jobs needed within 48 hours.

How does the design process work?

The design process begins with a brief form. This is sent to the client to get a better understanding of what is needed from me. Questions like, “Who is your target market audience” and “What do you want this project to achieve”. From there I take this information and provide you with a service I think would be best. Depending on the project will depend on the next stages. I always keeps the clients involvement in the project constant and updated.

Why should I choose you

Quality, creative, cost effective and ALWAYS on-time graphic design and print.

I work from your ideas and visions, all the way from the initial design concept to the final print run.

I create everything from the latest software

Experience and understanding

Friendly advice and on-going support

Discount for multiple services booked

My work is all original, guaranteed!

Where are you based?

I am based in a home office studio in Ascot Vale, Victoria Australia.

Do you provide Printing?

Absolutely! I has some great relationships with quality printers and happy to help with all your printing needs.