I get asked this question weekly when designing for clients and requesting they provide to me their logo as an EPS File, And unless you know the design language you are probably asking me now EPS what?

So let me break it down…

What is an eps file and why is it so important? 

EPS stands for “Encapsulated PostScript” PostScript is basically a programming language. You will often hear EPS files also referred to as “VECTOR” files. It is the standard file you should receive.

Ask your designer if they are working in illustrator, if they are not then you are probably not going to be provided with the correct files.

If you have a logo designed professionally you should ALWAYS be provided with an EPS File, here is a few advantages of an EPS File

– You can break them down and take them apart using different parts of the EPS File for other branding.

– EPS Files are highly scalable and will never become pixilated when printed. They  never loose quality or deteriorate.

An EPS  file is used by mainly graphic designers and can only be generated by applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Coral and more. Other file types like PNG, JPG and GIF’s are pixel-based files and cannot be scaled. If you were to enlarge one of these files it will pixelate and become “blurry”. Trained & Professional Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Sign-writers etc can covert an EPS file to whatever size or format they require.

Below is an Example of what a vector file looks like….

So have you got the right files from your graphic designer? If not you will come into issues when you need branding created. Make sure you ask questions and ensure your getting the best start to your business.